Save up to 30% with special
MLMIC discounts.

We have partnered with groups and organizations across the state to help qualifying New York physicians get New York’s #1 medical professional liability insurance at a lower cost through MLMIC Preferred Savings Programs:

Physicians who meet certain requirements can also take advantage of valuable reductions on their premiums – potentially in combination with the Preferred Savings Program – for total savings of up to 30%.

  • Up to 12% savings for qualified physicians and
    surgeons with no open or closed claims
  • 5% savings when you complete a NYS-qualified Risk Management program
  • 5% savings for individual physician policyholders who waive consent to settle a claim
  • 2% premium credit for prompt payment of the full annual premium within 30 days of receipt of the invoice
  • 1.4% reduction of the indemnity deductible

New doctor? Part-time doctor?

You may qualify for additional savings up to 50% off your MLMIC premiums.

Plus, as a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family, MLMIC has greater flexibility in writing coverage, access to more coverage options, and an unparalleled ability to create custom solutions – all supported by exclusive New York-focused benefits and concierge-level service.